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Letter sounds and letter names are very important for this age group. Children require repeated exposure to letter sounds and names before they should be asked to read. Reviewing all letters frequently is important and highlighting a couple letters each day allows for this repeated exposure.  Children need to be able to play with letter sounds (phonemes), be able to detect subtle differences in how they sound, and articulate the letter sounds (a chart for typical development can be found here). Children also need to be able to name the letters of the alphabet. Knowing that each letter has a name will help them with reading and spelling. Being able to connect a letter sound to a printed letter is where the magic begins typically in Kindergarten and increases in First Grade. When activities are fun, engaging, and intentional, students often enter kindergarten with a strong foundation when the above mentioned activities happen.   

Many of you may be working in a preschool classroom or daycare center. Each curriculum follows a different order in how letters are taught. For that reason, letter activities will all be on this page. Please see the ideas and materials to enhance letter learning in your environment.

Please visit the Early Learning Standards for English Language Arts. Read the introduction pages and how you as an adult can support children learning these skills. There are also ideas listed for each standard to provide guidance on how to make activities for learning letters engaging.  

A list of additional resources and activities have been added under each strand for you to consider as you are setting up classroom centers and activities. 


All Letters:
  • Playdough mats - Download and print the playdough mats. Have your child roll out playdough in long snakes and form the letter on the mat.
  • Large Printable Letters - if children are ready, they can trace inside the block letters starting at the top of each letter.  They can also clip photos from old magazines to add inside the letter.  Go on a letter hunt and find/take pictures that begin with that letter sound to add in the large printable letter. Find items around the house you can add such as fruit snacks to the letter f, goldfish to the letter g, etc.
  • Make signs and label items in the classroom or your house that begin with the letter you are teaching
  • Highlight classmates and family members that begin with the letter you are teaching.
  • Alphabet printables for tracing
    Free coloring pages, color posters, flash cards, mini books and activity worksheets to present the alphabet, reinforce letter recognition and writing skills.
    Letter activities and games. Several things can be accessed for free. There is also a way for you to subscribe to access all of the materials on this site.
  • Sorting Activities
    Alphabet Picture Sorts


Individual Letter Activities: