Parent & Caregiver

Play It Safe:
  • Let's Get Ready
    Preparing for emergencies is something the whole family and community can do together! Help children remember important information, and create a family emergency kit and plan. These steps will go a long way in keeping children safe and secure. (en Español)
  • What Do I Do in an Emergency?
    Instructions to help you with common childhood emergencies such as broken bones, cuts, insect stings, sunburns and more. (en Español)
  • Knocked out Tooth
    What to do when your child knocks out a tooth.
  • Bike Safety
    Bike riding is a great way to get exercise and share time as a family, remember basic bike safety tips.
  • Preventing Dog Bites
    Teaching kids a few basic dog manners will let them — and dogs — enjoy safer encounters.
  • Play It Safe in the Sun: A Guide for Parents
    Learn how to protect your child from getting a sunburn and preventing skin cancer.
  • Booster Basics
    Booster seats can be the key to preventing tragedies. Find out more about why booster seats should be used until the age of 8, Utah Laws, how to properly fit a child to a booster seat, and fitting station locations.
  • Additional Parent and Cargiver Resouces
    Visit the UEN Parent and Caregiver Resouces page.

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