Frequently Asked Questions

What is Preschool Pioneer?
Preschool Pioneer is a collection of web site resources from the Utah Education Network and key partners that support school readiness for Utah students.

How do I get it?
You need to have Internet access either at home, school, work, or your local public library. School and library personnel will be happy to help you get access OR you can contact UEN at 1-800-866-5852 or

How can I learn more about PBS Kids Play?
PBS has answered many questions about their service. Learn more..

Is it free?
Our goal is to make the entire site free and open to Utah families with young children. Unfortunately, we’re still working hard to secure the funding to make this possible. For now, most of the site is free. There are some areas for our “pilot-test” group that require a username and password to log-in. If you have money you’d like to donate, just give us a call!