Let’s Draw
This video, which is part of an early childhood education series explores drawing and art.

Two Days Away
This video was created as part of an early childhood education series and explores concepts of time, patience, and play.

Do the Penguin Shuffle
Produced for Kentucky Educational Television, this video helps early learners musical concepts of rhythm and beat.

Find similar shapes in this game and get a surprise

Color Mix
Choose the colors you want to mix and see what happens.

Toopy and Binoo's Magical Fish
Match the fish to the correct musical sound.

Cows Don't Quack
Match the animal sounds to the correct animal.

Build a Neighborhood
Create your own neighborhood by dragging the pictures where you want them.

Earth Day
Help clean up our planet.

Learn about the seasons by helping Zoe do some yard work.

Skippyjon Jones
Play with Skippyjon Jones. Learn some spanish, play dress up, and clap along as Skippy sings.

Salt Lake County Library Game
Learn more about the resources found at the Library.

Let's Make a Calendar
Learn more about the parts of a calendar.

Dress Caillou

Help Caillou get dressed for the day.

Sid: Mystery Lunchbox
Explore decay and mold using Sid's lunchbox.

Sesame Street Direct Channel
A collection of games and videos that provide the right mix of entertainment and education.


Games, printouts, e-cards and songs for 3-6 year olds. Includes ideas such as washing hands, sharing, pet care, and weather.

Vegetable Planting
Help Gabriela plant and water vegetables in her garden.

Agent Hal Animal Detective
Take pictures of animals to earn stars and win badges!

Smarty Games - Time
Teach your child how to tell time with these online games focused on time.