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  • Ready for Life - Nutrition and Fitness
    Ready for Life provides parents and caregivers with nutrition information to teach young children healthy eating habits from the beginning.
  • for Preschoolers
    Use the Choose MyPlate site as a guide to help you feed your preschool child as well as resources to help you preschooler grow up healthy, develop good eating habits and try new foods.
    (en Español)
  • Sprouting the Beans
    A food blog which explores the arts, culture, community, children's books, all while enjoying delicious food and family. This blog includes weekly menues to fit dietary restrictions: Peanut/Nut Free, Limited Egg & Gluten. Include an educational component that expose different cultures; tie to books/activities for kids; healthy, local, organic eating while keeping it simple/back to basics.
  • Tips For Picky Eating
    Here are some effective ways you can help make healthy foods like fruits and vegetables all-time favorite choices in your home.
  • Strategies for Feeding a Preschooler
    Preschoolers want to do things themselves, but they are willing to learn from caregivers. This give-and-take creates opportunities to teach kids about healthy food choices in new and exciting ways.
  • Healthy Eating
    5 strategies to improve nutrition and encourage smart eating habits. (en Español)
  • Cooking With Preschoolers
    Cooking can help young children learn and practice some basic math concepts and build language skills.
  • After-School Snacks
    Learn how you can make sure your child gets nourished but still has room for a healthy dinner. (en Español)
  • Additional Parent and Cargiver Resouces
    Visit the UEN Parent and Caregiver Resouces page.

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