Numbers & Early Math

PBS Math Games
Games to help preschool kids with math.

PBS Shape Games
Games to help preschool kids with shapes.

PBS Measurement Games
Games to help preschool kids with measurements.

Count the Wheels
Count how many wheels you see.

Muffin is Missing
This video takes you on an adventure with a young and eager investigator to explore patterns, shapes, and counting.

I Spy Shapes
Find all of the shapes hidden in the picutres.

Counting Fish
Children count the number of fish they see swimming and then click on the corresponding number. 

Candy Stacker
Do you love candy? Have you ever wanted to create a stack of candy that stretches to the stars? All you have to do is get the math answers right, and you’ll make your dreams of candy stacking a reality.

Use your math skills to help the snowball survive its trip down the mountain. For each question you get right, you’ll pass through a snow mound, but if you get any questions wrong, you’ll smash into an obstacle.