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This page is created for you to find activities to explore with your child/students as they are learning colors. 

Colors, like letters and numbers, should be brought to children's attention and labeled frequently.  Multiple meaningful exposures to colors can and should be fun and engaging.

Here are some ideas you can do if you are going to spend a day exploring a specific color.

For a review of colors, you may be interested in some of the following activities:

For more information, please refer to the Early Learning Standards Ages 3 to 5


If you have the books on hand, please use them. If not, you will find the links attached for the these books:




Games & Activities:

Tie Dye - Get a large sheet of white bulletin board paper, butcher paper, or a large sheet of construction paper. Mix food coloring or tempera paints in water bottles for the 6 basic colors (red. orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple). Hang the sheets of paper up outside where the children can easily reach. Allow them to pick up a water bottle and spray it onto the paper. Once dry, you can use this sheet to decorate a bulletin board, use it as a tablecloth and have a picnic eating colorful fruits and vegetables, etc. You can also spray paint the snow in the winter.

  • Go on a Color Hunt - make up a version of Going on a Color Hunt much like Going on a Bear Hunt to encourage language and vocabulary as you hunt for colored items.  Once you have the objects, label the objects by their color and name (blue block, green crayon, red firetruck, etc.)
  • Sand table search -  Fill a sand table or large cake pan or tub with small colored items. Provide plastic colored bowls or cups for sorting. As children discover each item, have them sort it into the correct bowl or cup.
  • Color Explosion Experiment - This activity can also be performed on a smaller scale, allowing each student to have their own dish.
  • Color Changing Walking Water Experiment- This may be something you can carry out over a couple of days. 
  • Color Sort Activity