September Activity Calendar

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Themes: All About Me, Apples, Names   Letters: A, B, C   Color: Red     Numbers: 1 & 2    Shape: Circle

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Schedule a visit to the elementary school that your child will attend next year. Go one day this month and have lunch Make an “All About Me” Book Work on one page a day. Send to grandparents for grandparent’s day Download the "I Am Special" activity booklet and select a few activities Introduce the Letter A Make a large letter A for your child to  cut out. Do one or two of the Letter A activities
Show your child an apple, talk about the characteristics of an apple and how they grow, cut the apple into two  pieces. Tell the Little Red House Story. Cut an apple in half (two pieces) to illustrate the story. Snack on Apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon or dipped in an apple dip. With your child make a growth chart for recording your child’s height.
Introduce your child to the numbers 1 & 2 as you write them on the chart
Introduce the Letter B Make a large letter B for your child to cut out.
Do one or two of the
Letter B activities
Make a
bubble solution. Use different objects to make bubbles (fly swatters, slotted spoons, etc.) 
Introduce the Letter C. Make a large letter C for your child to cut out. Do one or two of the
Letter C activities
Introduce the Circle Shape Do one of the Circle Activities
Introduce the color “Red” Give your child a laundry basket and let him/her go on a red scavenger hunt Let your child dip jar lids in red paint to make circle prints on paper. Make a chart with two columns. Let your child put one circle in the first column and two in the second column. Purchase or make a set of magnetic alphabet letters Introduce your child to the letters in his/her name. Do one or two name activities. Make a sentence strip with your child’s name written on it. Put the sentence strip on a magnet board or cookie sheet and let your child match the magnetic letters to the sentence strip.  Teach your child the Alphabet Song and sing it with him/her several times using an alphabet chart. Post an alphabet chart in your child’s room.