October Activity Calendar

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Themes: Fall, Fireman   Letters: D, E, F   Color: Yellow & Orange    Numbers: 3    Shape: Oval

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Schedule a visit to the local library or book mobile. Take your child to story hour. Check out books that go with this month’s themes. Serve alphabet cereal for breakfast. Let your child find letters that are in his/her name. Introduce the Letter D. Make a large letter D for your child to cut out. Do one or two of the Letter D activities. Make or buy doughnuts. Talk about doughnuts.
Introduce the color “Yellow”. Give your child an old magazine and have them find things that are yellow, cut them out and paste them on a poster. Take a walk and gather leaves. Sort leaves by color, shape or type. Make leaf rubbings and turn into a leaf book. Mix yellow and red paint to make orange. Paint yellow, red and orange leaves. Sing some songs about yellow. Introduce the Number 3. Count to three with your child. Let your child sort objects on a number chart into one, two or three objects. Introduce the Letter E. Make a large letter E for your child to cut out.
Do one or two of the Letter E activities. Introduce the Oval Shape using an egg. Boil eggs and let your child help you make a recipe using egg. Do some fun “eggsperiments". Make signs that say Exit. Take a trip to a building that has this sign displayed and let your child count how many they see and mark a tally sheet. Introduce the Letter F. Make a large letter F for your child to cut out. Do one or two of the Letter F activities.
Discuss Fall and Autumn. Talk about the characteristics of the season. Take a fall walk and discuss how things in nature are changing Schedule a visit to the local fire station. Make a dramatic play fire station for your home. Talk to your child about fire safety. Practice
stop, drop and roll”.
Make a fire escape plan for your home. Draw it with your child and post the plan. Practice your fire escape plan with your child several times today. Let your child practice calling the 911 with an toy phone and discuss with them what to do in an emergency