March Activity Calendar

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Themes: Weather, Spring, St. Patricks Day    Letters: K, U     Color: Blue      Number: 8       Shape: Diamond

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Make a Weather Chart. Chart the weather each day. Teach your child the weather song with the motions. Make a weather bear. Dress the weather bear each day to match the weather. Introduce the color Blue. Do some of the blue color activities. Introduce Spring. Talk about the characteristics of Spring.
Introduce the letter K. Make a large letter K for your child to cut out. Do one or two of the letter K activities. Introduce the diamond shape. Have your child cut out several diamond shapes and glue onto paper to make kites. Make or buy a kite and assemble it for flying. Explain how a kite works. Go outside and fly a kite. Demonstrating how a kite works.
Introduce the letter U. Make a large letter U for your child to cut out. Do one or two of the letter U activities. Show your child how an umbrella works. Talk about umbrella safety. Demonstrate the words up and down. Take a walk with your child under the umbrella. Look for signs of Spring. Teach your child the song “Itsy Bitsy Spider". Practice up and down with your hands. Discuss St. Patrick’s Day the origin of the holiday. Do one or two of the St. Patrick’s Day Activities.
Make shamrocks using 3 green heart shapes. Hide them in the house and let your child find them using hot and cold as signals.

Introduce your
child to a
four-leaf clover.
Discuss the word “Lucky” and its meaning.

Discuss leprechauns. Help your child create a story about a lucky leprechaun.

Buy some Lucky Charms, sort them and graph them on the graphing sheet.

Play “jig” music. Teach your child how to “jig” to the music.