March Activity Calendar

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Themes: Dr. Seuss, Construction, Farm Animals   
Letters: L & M        Color: Purple Numbers: 1 & 2        Shape: Diamond

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Read Dr. Seuss’ “Cat In The Hat” and make your own hat Letter L: Lemon and Lime Activity Homemade Purple Butter Number 1: Hokey Pokey Green Eggs and Ham
Popsicle Stick Building Letter M: Macaroni Masterpiece Diamond Constellation Number 2: Pairing Game Read Dr. Seuss’ “Hop On Pop” and learn to measure
Farm Animal Sort Letter L Ladybug Purple Scavenger Hunt Domino Game Construct a Fort
Thirsty Plants on the Farm Letter M: Miss Mary Mack Diamond Kite Number 2: Shoe Game Marble Cow On The Farm