February Activity Calendar

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Themes: Post Office, Presidents, Friendship, Valentines    Letters: L, N, V     Number: 7      Shape: Heart

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Write a letter to a grandparent or other relative." Visit your local post office or a mail center and mail your letter. Set up a writing center in your home. Discuss “Ground Hog Day”. Go outside and have your child make a shadow. Discuss what makes a shadow. Read the “Ground Hog Poem”. Introduce the Letter L. Make a large letter L for your child to cut out.
Do one or two of the Letter L activities. Make a valentine list of your child’s friends. Invite some friend over and do some of the activities in the Friendship Unit. Introduce the Letter V. Make a large letter V for your child to cut out. Do one or two of the Letter V activities. Introduce the heart shape. Using a template, trace a heart shape on paper and have your child cut out enough for valentines for friends.
Make valentines with your child and address them to your child’s friends. Mail out the valentines. Buy some candy hearts. Sorth them on the candy heart sorting graph. Have your child count how many in each column. Make heart shaped sugar cookies with your child. Deliver a heart shaped valentine and a cookie to a neighbor.  Discuss President’s Day. Discuss Abraham Lincoln with your child. Show your child a penny. Read the information sheet about a penny. Do a crayon rubbing of the penny

Discuss George Washington. Show your child a nickel. Read the information sheet about a nickel. Do a crayon rubbing of the nickel.

Introduce the Letter N. Make a large letter N for your child to cut out. Do one or two of the Letter N Activities. Introduce the Number 7. Have your child trace the number 7 on a tracing sheet. Using the picture sort sheet, have your child sort pictures of items that begin with N, L, or V. Using the number tracing list sheet, help your child make a list of his/her seven favorite things.