December Activity Calendar

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Themes: Snow, Bears, Feelings   Letters: F & G   Color: Blue     Numbers: 5 & 6    Shape: Triangle

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Make a Q Tip Snowflake. Decorate the Letter F. Help sort and fold the laundry and find items that are BLUE. Learn and sing the songs: 5 Little Monkeys and 5 Green and Speckled Frogs. Make Whipped Snow.
Time to Sleep activity. Do a Letter F activity. Go on a TRIANGLE HUNT and count how many triangles you find in your home. Insects have 6 Legs activity. Practice putting on your snow clothes all by yourself. Head outside and make a snowman with a friend or family member.
Talk About Feelings activity. Decorate the Letter G. Paint the snow BLUE activity. Memory Handprint activity. Teddy Bear Picnic activity.
Cold Paleontologist activity. Do a Letter G activity. Make a Triangle Collage. Sort toys into groups of 6 and practice counting to 6. Do the "How Are You Peeling?" activity.