July Activity Calendar

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Themes: Patriotism,  Zoo       Letters: Z       Shape: Review

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Introduce Summer. Teach your child some of these summer songs and poems Discuss the history of the Fourth of July. Paint a flag on the driveway with koolaid. Make some July 4th crafts. Teach your child Yankee Doodle Dandee. Make a patriotic hat for them to wear. Organize a bike and wagon children’s parade with the neighbors. Have them prepare some red, white, and blue snacks.
Visit the Zoo. Use this chart to identify the animals you see. Play this zoo animal online alphabet  game. Make snacks that zoo animals like to eat. Have your child pretend to be a zoo animal and see if you can guess. Take turns. Teach some of these zoo songs and poems. Invite friends to bring over stuffed animals and set up a stuffed animal zoo. Sort and count the animals.
Explain that water is a way to help keep our bodies cool in the summer. Play some of these water games. Take your child to the pool. Talk to them about water safety. Teach your child about water properties: evaporation, condensation, freezing. Make this Watermelon number flip book. Invite friends over and teach them your favorite water games. Enjoy some watermelon for a treat.
Lie in the grass on a blanket and study the clouds. Read 1,2,3 to the Zoo by Eric Carle What zoo animals do they see? Introduce the Letter Z. Cut out the large Letter Z. Do one or two of the Letter Z activities. Pack a lunch and take a walk to a picnic spot. Along the way, count summer things – flowers, bugs, children playing. Teach your child the steps involved in washing the car. Let them gather supplies, wash the car, and clean up afterwards.