August Activity Calendar

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Theme: Back to School              Letters: Writing             Numbers: Graphing           Shape: Sorting

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Schedule a visit to the elementary school that your child will attend this year. Take a tour of the school, meet the teacher. Make a name writing sheet and have your child practice writing his/her name each day. Go on a color walk. Have your child identify different colors in the environment. Help them make tally marks on a chart for each color they see. Print out the color sorting sheets and  have your child find small objects in the house to put on the sheets. Print out the shape sorting sheets. Help your child match the shape of the object to the shape.
Make a large graphing chart out of a vinyl tablecloth. Have your child organize the food in your pantry into groups of like foods. Print out a letter writing chart and let your child practice writing their letters. Teach your child his/her address. If possible walk or drive to the school your child will attend and talk about the route. Teach your child his/her phone number. One way is to sing it to the tune of “Twinkle, twinkle, little star.” Teach your child the full names of parents and grandparents.
Show your child some of his/her baby clothes. Show how long he/she was when they were born. Measure how much he/she has grown. Find out what school supplies your child will need to take to school. Make a picture list for your child to use to go shopping. Go school supply shopping with the picture list you and your child made. Have your child label all of their school supplies with their name.  Make a folder for your child to carry their papers to and from school.
Read a book about the first day of school. Have your child “read” their favorite book to you. Help your child pack his/her backpack for school.  Lay out clothes for the first day of school. Walk with your child to school. Take a picture of the school. Take their picture with their teacher. Review with your child their first day of school. Help your child organize events of the day by the order in which they happened.