April Activity Calendar

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Themes: Flowers, Rabbits, Quilts       Letters: J, Q      Color: Purple       Shape: Rectangle

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Plant a living “Easter Basket”. Keep it growing until the end of the month. Introduce the letter J. Make a large letter J for your child to cut out. Do one or two of the letter J activities. Make purple jello jigglers. Do jelly bean sorting/graphing activity.
Read a “Peter Rabbit” story to your child. Do Rabbit/Carrot matching activity with numbers Buy carrots that have the stems. Show your child how to clean and scrape a carrot. Have carrots and dip for a snack. Teach your child how to “hop”. Practice hopping with your child for a few days. Teach your child the “Bunny Hop”.
Discuss the characteristics of rabbits. Visit a farm that has real rabbits or watch a video about rabbits. Introduce the letter Q. Make a large letter Q for your child to cut out. Do one or two of the letter Q activities. Do some of the activities from the Quilt Unit. Fill eight plastic eggs with treats. Discuss the words Open and Shut. Do the “Open Them, Shut Them” finger play with your child. Boil and color some eggs with your child.  Use crayons to make designs. Discuss with your child why the dye doesn’t stick to the crayon wax. 


Deliver the “living Easter basket” filled with the plastic egg treats and some colored eggs to a friend. Help your child make a card.


Teach your child the Humpty, Dumpty Rhyme. Make a Humpty, Dumpty Book and your child tell you the story. Introduce the Rectangle. Build or buy a rectangle flower box. Buy pansy seed or flowers and plant in the flower box. Discuss with your child how to take care of flowers and what they need to help them grow. Make and help your child complete  the Ladybug number matching game.