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Themes: Winter, Snow, Mittens   Letters: I, W, M   Color: White & Black    Numbers: 6    Shape: Triangle






Introduce the
letter W.
Make a
large letter W
for your child
to cut out.

Do one or two
of the Letter W

Make a
winter picture,
discuss with
your child the characteristics of
the winter season.

Make a winter
time collage.
Have your child
cut and glue
pictures of
things you do
in the winter.

Introduce the
Letter M.
Make a large letter M for your child
to cut out.

Do one or two
of the Letter M activities.

Show your child mittens and gloves and discuss the characteristics of each.

Make a
mitten match
game using
wall paper scraps
or patterned paper. Help your child match the mittens.

Do some of the activities from the Mitten Unit.

Introduce the colors white and black.
Do a winter picture on black paper
using white wash over crayon.

Introduce the
letter I.
Make a
large letter I
for your child
to cut out.

Do one or two of the Letter I activities

Make ice cubes
and do one of the
ice experiments.

Read the book
“Ice Cream”.
Discuss how
ice cream is made. Visit an ice cream shop.

Make homemade
ice cream
or ice cream sundaes.


Talk about Snow.
Do some of the activities from the Snow Unit.


Read the book
“All You Need for a Snowman”.
Make a big book “How to Build a Snowman” with your child.
Read the book.

Make a snowman
out of snow
(if available)
or out of
paper plates.

Introduce the
Count the sides
on a triangle.

Introduce the
number 6.
Make two
white and one black. Count the sides on the triangles and add them together to make six.

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